Pre-registration for India Retreats 2020

Please let us know below, if you are interested in our India retreats in early 2020.

please note: you have to click on "send" at the very bottom for us to receive your entries here. In case you don't get any confirmation and/or you don't hear from us within the next few weeks, please do contact us directly again.

Depending on demand, we will then be able to begin planning the details in the coming weeks.

Preliminary Estimation of Prices

Below you will find a first rough estimation of prices. Depending on group size, actual accommodation and boarding costs that we are still waiting for an update on, these figures can still vary. Therefore, we offer an approximate price range. We hope to determine the actual prices within the following weeks. Primarily, depending on how many binding registrations we will have, the price can still drop. In this respect, please feel very welcome to share this invitation with whoever you think could be interested too ;-).

Arunachala-Retreat (14 days) – presumably end of  February to mid March

Single room: approx. € 1200 to 1400

Includes: retreat fee, transfer of the seminar group - when traveling together with the recommended flights – from Chennai airport to the destination of Tiruvannamalai and back, seminar accommodation, 3 meals daily, tea and drinking water.

Ganges-Retreat (14 days) – probably mid- to end of March

Single room (standard): approx. € 1100 to 1300
Single room (deluxe): approx. € 1300 to 1500

Includes: retreat fee, transfer of the seminar group from Dehra Dun airport to our destination Laxman Jhoola and back - when traveling together with the recommended flights - seminar accommodation (including breakfast).

Combined rate for both retreats

For participants of both retreats we will offer a discount of  € 300-400 from the sum of the individual retreat rates.


For flights from Germany we expect approx. € 700 to 900 for return tickets for one retreat.
If you want to participate in both retreats there are 3 additional domestic flights with approx. € 150 to 200 more.

Please note: We depend on an early payment of this sum, because we have to pay some of the costs in advance. This “organizational down payment” will be set against the retreat fee in full amount.